Rustic leek tart from Farmstand Fresh Summer 2014 magazine.

Bengali style fish curry with potatoes and eggplants based on this recipe.

"Shorshe sheem". Bengali preparation of broad beans in a mustard sauce.

Saboodana Kheer (Tapioca dessert).

Black bean burger with salsa fresca and avocado crema (recipe from Saveur) and grilled corn.

Carrots - 4, oranges - 1, red pepper - 1, ginger - 1/4”, mint - few leaves.

Sri: 5 stars, Sharoda: 5 stars.

Tandoori chicken by Sri.

Morning cleanse.

Carrots - 4, yellow beet - 1, Kale - 1/2 bunch, Orange - 1, mint - 3-4 stems, ginger - 1/4”

And we got a new grill!

Southern pecan praline pie from Cook’s Country magazine.

Murgh Mussallum (Chicken Mughal style) from the Hawkins All-India Cookbook that came with my pressure cooker.